Mobile wood fired pizza oven for Southern Maine Seacoast area weddings and events.

Wood Fired Pizza

Pizza Crust Baker Bobby's Artisan Recipe

Meats Pepperoni | Ham | Italian Sausage | Bacon | Anchovies | Chicken | Prosciutto

Cheeses Mozzarella | Romano | Pecorino | Vermont Cheddar | Feta

Vegetables Onions | Kalamata Olives | Pineapple | Mild Peppers | Broccoli | Tomatoes | Spinach | Mushrooms | Artichoke | Arugula

We source organic whenever possible as well as farm to table.

Classic Pizza Selections

Classic Pepperoni & cheese

Cheese Tasty blend of mozzarella, pecorino and romano


Veggie Cheese, onion, peppers, mushroom and broccoli

Meat Lovers pepperoni and sausage

Hawaiian Ham and pineapple

Greek Feta, kalamata olives, onions and fresh tomatoes

Chicken, Broccoli with Alfredo Sauce

We locally source ingredients from local organic farms, vendors and our own organic gardens

Artisan Pizza Selections

Mushroom and Black Truffle Oil

Artichoke and Feta

Fig Jam and Prosciutto

In Season Vegetable Pizza

Spring  Fiddle Head garlic scapes and Smoked Vermont Cheddar

Summer  Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella

Fall  Acorn Squash, Pecan and Prosciutto

We make our own dough daily with imported tipo "00" flour.

Our tomato sauce is also made daily with the highest quality Italian tomatoes and ingredients


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